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RTS Paranormal History – Trailer

So, I’ve got a lot of footage to make another video with, but it doesn’t quite cover everything I wanted it to. I didn’t feel like it would  feel complete. I’m waiting on a few more things to make a full episode, but I didn’t want to wait for it to put something new out. So, I made this instead.



RTS Paranormal History

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m now an investigator for RTS Paranormal. Check out this video I edited for us –

I haven’t done much video editing, so it was a fun experiment.


The World in Low Res Night Vision, Part 2

So I did some more adventuring with my low res night vision googles. This time most of the pictures were taken in the radio room, and getting their involved a lot of climbing up ladders through tiny holes.

The other pictures were taken in the “butter room.” It was originally a walk in cooler for fruits and veggies, but was later repurposed to hold dead bodies when they ran out of room else where on the ship. It’s creepers.

If you can see my original set of night vision pics here.

Pictures are also shown individually below if you hate slide shows.

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The World in Low Res Night Vision

After joining RTS Paranormal and giving ghosts tours on the USS Salem, I bought myself a toy. What was the toy you ask?

A pair of low res, picture and video taking, night vision goggles. Since buying them, I’ve decided to start a picture journal of the experience. Here are the first batch of pictures- enjoy! And yes, these pictures were taken in complete darkness! Pictures down below individually in case you hate slide shows.

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Protected: The Pink Haired Ghost Hunter

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