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Spirited Away Tattoo Continued

As you know, I’ve started getting work done on a Spirited Away half sleeve. (Original Post with up close pictures of the outline here)

I got a little bit more work done the other day, and I wanted to share. I got a lot of shading done. The tattoo is really shaping up well, can’t wait to get it finished!




Spirited Away and Ink on my Arm

Spirited Away by Miyazaki Half Sleeve TattooHello All!

So, it was finally time with new ink, and I decided to get a Spirited Away half sleeve. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a kick ass anime by Miyazaki, and I highly recommend it.

Last night I got the outline for my outer arm, and I wanted to share the tattoos progress so far. I’ve got Haku, Chihiro, the bathhouse and the lantern. The rest of it is going to be mostly shading with the expect one the thing that is going to go on the inside of my arm, which I’m saving as a surprise. You can check out the different sections of the tattoo close up in the pics below.

The tattoo was done by George at Stingray Tattoo in Allston, MA, and I would recommend him to anyone!










I got some more tattoos.

Also during my absence from Thoughts, I went and got some more tattoos, some more video game tattoos.

On my right forearm I got the one pictured below. It’s a quote from the Silent Hill movie. And although I think that last 20 minutes of the movie completely sucked, I loved the series and wanted something a little less obvious that it was a video game tattoo (since you know, there’s a triforce on my other arm).

What I absolutely love about this one tattoo is that it’s done in my own handwriting. I walked into the parlor, wrote it on the paper, and got it done. That was it.

My other tattoo I got is huge. I was torn on what I wanted… I had a small tattoo I wanted to cover… and I wanted a steam punk tattoo, pin up tattoo, video game tattoo or a tattoo with personal meaning.  I ended up getting Vasha from Red Faction: Guerrilla as a pin up. She has it all in one. The version of Vasha that I have tattooed on me is a mixture between Vasha’s concept art and what she ended up looking like in game, except her boobs are way bigger. Funny enough, I asked the tattoo artist to make them huge.

For me getting Vasha was cool because I tested like all of her mission’s when I worked on the game and would quote her constantly.


I got a(nother) tattoo.

by Tara

Maybe this new tattoo will spark some sort of idea for a gaming tattoo article… but not today. So for now, just check out my new Zelda inspired tattoo. 🙂