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Irrational Behavior

So a few months back, I actually got highlighted on Irrational Behavior podcast, which is put out by Irrational Games every so often. In my little piece, I talk about fighting Diago at Season’s Beatings a few years back. I was really excited to be part of the podcast. What was really exciting for me was I manages to do the entire thing in one take with out saying “Um” once. Yay! Go public speaking skills!

If you click the link below, you’ll be linked to a little media player with the podcast. If you skip to about 29 minutes in (like 29:05 or something) you will see the clip of mine.

Irrational Behavior Ep 9 – Click Me !

And to be honest, I said I hit him a few times, when I almost took a round off him. I didn’t, but I got close! You can see the whole video here:

And this was actually when I worked back at AbleGamers, so I interviewed him and everything. If you hop over to the AbleGamers tab, you can check all of that out.


Season’s Beatings Coverage

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, I’ve started pulling double duty. I’ve recently started writing for – and I’m super proud of it. I will be posting way more often on that site, mainly because I actually have people expectations for there and here I don’t care that I’m a slacker. My first post for AbleGamers was my coverage of Seaon’s Beatings – the largest fighting game tournament in the MidWest.

So – here ya go

The Main Article

Interview with Seth Killian and video of Tatsunoko vs CAPCOM

Interview with Justin Wong And Daigo Umehara



Thanks guys. I’m working one some posts for here an hopefully I will have it at least one up later today.