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Oh, hey blog. Sup?

So, it’s the same story that happens all the time. I go, make some blog posts… promise I will be back soon… then disappear for a couple months.

But really, if you’re actually subscribed to my blog, you’re not really surprised.

So, I plan on making a couple short catch up posts on various topics, starting with this one.

Alright, so last I left everyone I had decided to move across the country to start my new job as Senior QA at Irrational Games. So, how is that going? Well, awesomely. I love my job. I love working on Bioshock Infinite. The studio is awesome, and we just released this awesome trailer (click the link and it will go full screen. The player isn’t WordPress friendly)-

Additionally, my desk is next to the audio room, and every once in a while I can hear what they are working on, and the emails I’m typing suddenly seem much more epic.

Also, we have our holiday part this Saturday, and I am super pumped about it. Oh! And my desk is decorated with Christmas lights, too.

Jeff pointing to Tara's pink hair in excitementI’ve also dyed my hair pink. It wasn’t really on purpose. I sort of messed up and just covered it with pink dye… And it was a hit. So, I’ve kept it.

I also like Boston, and since moving here I’ve done lot’s of cool things, included getting stranded of the attic of King’s Chapel with the lights out.

Oh, and I joined a paranormal research group on the USS Salem, but that’s a different story.

And yes, the marriage is going well, too. 🙂


Oh! And yes, I’m madly in love with Skyward Sword and would play it all the time if my husband didn’t insist I do things like “shower” and “work.”


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