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So, I know ODST has been out for a long time… to be exact, it was released in September of 2009… but I just got around to playing it. And to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed with this title. Wanna know why? Here are my reasons.


  • I think I was spoiled by HALO: Reach.

I first just want to say I know playing Reach before ODST couldn’t have been helping ODST out at all. Let’s be honest, Reach was amazing. The graphics,  story, balancing… It was sheer awesomeness. It sets the bar really high for future HALO titles. The problem is ODST isn’t a future title, it’s a past title. But, unfortunately for ODST, the HALO title I played most recently was Reach, so that’s the HALO title I keep wanting to compare it to, and it just doesn’t hold up. I know that might not be fair, and it’s likely making not appreciate ODST or some sort of nonsense like that… but oh well.

  • I felt like I spent a lot of time just wandering around, semi-lost.

I really felt like there was a lot of time when I l literally wandering around. I’d be looking for my objective, literally walking in circles.  It got especially bad when I was near my objective, and I was close enough it wasn’t showing up on radar any more… and it would tell me to search the area.  For me, this really took a lot out of the game. It made the pacing feel all wrong. Action. Get lost. Action. Walk around. Action. Walk around. Get lost. Realize you’ve already been here. Find your objective.

I’m also not sure that it helped that pretty much all of the city looked the same. I would have liked to see some variance in the terrain I think. I understand that the whole story took place in the city, but maybe having neighborhoods look different or something? The game got better closer to the end, when I was fighting with the NPCS, but the times when I was the loan soldier walking through the city was horrible.

  • The story was pretty meh. Except for the love story, which was completely horrible.

I’m going to let you know right now, I don’t remember any of the characters names. When what’s-his-face got shot in the chest, I totally didn’t even care.  I didn’t feel a connection to the characters. The story didn’t wow me. And the love story they tried to mash in there was atrocious. Firstly, it really seemed forced. The characters didn’t seem to have an attachment to each other at all. I felt physically uncomfortable at the end when the kissed. Also, I’m not sure when they were evening spending time together to get to know each other. During the fire fights? That’s just awkward. Or did I miss something? Either way… This story lacked the wow moments. Like I said, maybe it’s because I had played Reach before and I was attached to those characters… and I knew their names and was upset when bad things happened.


And that’s really about it. The story didn’t wow me, and I felt like I walked around a lot. Pretty simple. Like I said, maybe if  I had played them in the reverse order it wouldn’t have been so bad… but I’m sticking with ODST deserves what I said.

Grade: Meh



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