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Becoming More Afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse

This past month I got married, went on my honeymoon and realized how easily it would be for the zombie apocalypse to actually spread.

I guess I have always been a little more worried about not necessarily zombies, but infectious diseases, more than the average person. I don’t know if it’s because I was briefly a biochem major or if it’s because I find myself  reading books like The Hot Zone in my spare time. Either way, the realization I had coming back from my honeymoon was terrifying.

It is crazy easy for a sickness to be transmitted from country to country.

I guess I will start at the beginning, when I first boarded the cruise ship. When you first go to get on the boat, they have you feel out a medical questionnaire. Have you been vomiting or had diarrhea in the past week? Are you on any medications? Pretty standard stuff. The goal was to keep sick people off the boat. The goal was to keep someone from bringing a sickness into the confined space. Alright, sounds like a good idea.

Flash forward. Do you know what they do when you get off the boat, when you re-enter the country? What they do to keep something you caught while in a foreign country out of the US?  Answer: Nothing.

That’s completely terrifying! Let me explain.

At the end of my honeymoon, I looked like a wreck. I was sick incredibly sick.

Firstly, I had a touch of sea sickness through a lot of the cruise. I wouldn’t vomit, but I’d get dizzy if I weren’t near a window or something. If I could feel the boat moving, but I couldn’t see the boat moving, my brain got all confused. Secondly, I was allergic to my new deodorant I bought. I had rashes on both of my inner arms. I was bright read because of my sunburn… probably had a fever… and the worst part was… I had caught a little bit of Montezuma’s revenge while in Mexico.

So let’s break this down, when I went to reenter the country I

  • was dizzy
  • nauseous
  • vomiting
  • had diarrhea
  • had a fever
  • was bright red
  • was sweating
  • had a rash on my body
  • looked like death.

And I was able to walk off the boat, and into the country just fine.


I mean, I know I was fine to reenter. I know I was dying from something that I couldn’t transmit. By the customs guys didn’t. Like really, if I had seen me, I probably would have taken me to the doctor.

So the new most terrifying thing I can imagine is someone getting bit while in some port of call while on vacation… wondering back onto the cruise ship… and then getting off just in time to turn and infect everyone in the US.


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