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Let’s talk 3DS – Part 1

We all already knew that I was going to be buying a 3DS. As a Zelda fanboy, I’m pretty much required by law to play the Ocarina of Time remake, and it’s as simple as that. And that’s why up until GDC I felt very much felt obligated to buy the 3DS, and much less wanting to buy the 3DS of my own free will. I was almost resenting Nintendo for remaking Ocarina of Time, because now I was going to drop a large sum of money on a hand held system that I wasn’t even sure I was going to be using outside of Zelda and the Resident Evil title.

And then came GDC.

My excitement for the 3DS started during the keynote speech when Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, began speaking about the 3DS. I’m going to spare you from having to watch him talk. Although the content is great, he’s kind of boring to listen to. So, here are the highlights on what he said about the 3DS.

The 3DS is going to have:

  • Netflix streaming. Pretty Self Explanatory. And Awesome. Portable Netflix.
  • 3D Movie Trailors – See the Green Lantern Trailor? Wanna see it again in 3D on your 3DS? You can do that.
  • 3D Picture Capture – Take pictures in 3D using your 3DS
  • 3D Video Capture – Take 3D videos using your 3DS
  • 10, 000 Wifi Hotspots- Nintendo is parting with AT&T to bring you hotspots at locations INCLUDING AIRPORTS. You get special content via the hotspots, you automatically connect, and everything downloads in the background.
  • eShop- Online shop. Also, contains everything from DSiware, and features virtual console games (gameboy, gameboy color), remastered old games in full 3D
  • Transfer your current DSi games- so you don’t have to rebuy them
  • Browser
  • Awesome titles, and looks of cool stuff that can be beneficial to devs and helps the player connect to more interesting game titles

After hearing all of these I believe I simply tweeted “Damn you, Nintendo.”

Now, all of that was pretty cool. But some of those things were awesome. Like the Netflix streaming. Awesome. I’m a Netflix junkie. And now, my insanely massive instant queue can go with me where ever I want. Netflix in my purse. Love it. I’m also in love with the idea of the 3D remakes (now I am I mean, I still wasn’t completely sold during the speech on the 3D remakes but later I became convinced so keep reading) and the virtual console (POKEMON BLUE AND RED ANYONE?!).

So, after hearing the keynote I was feeling a lot less obligated to buy the 3DS and a lot more interested in buying the 3DS. However, I still wasn’t jumping for the joy of the 3Ds. I wasn’t ready for that commitment. But I was a lot more open to it. I still wanted to actually play with one, experience one. I had a lot of worries about the 3DS – the largest being afraid that the 3D would give me a head ache if I played for more than 10 minutes. How would they new joystick thing work? Was this 3D actually going to be beneficial to these titles?

Excited to learn more, I went to the Nintendo booth on the expo floor.

And that’s when you’ll have to wait for part 2, where I talk about the 3Ds itself was well as games I played, including The Ocarina of Time remake, Resident Evil Mercenaries, and Street Fighter 4.


Peace out!


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