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Where was Tara between GDC and Now?

So, I’ve been sort of missing since… Well, GDC to be honest. I never posted my GDC notes, and now they’re just missing. I had some video of my presentation… but I can’t seem to find what I did with it and I fear it might have gotten deleted.

My bad. I wish I would have posted stuff, because GDC really was an adventure. I got to see Steve Wiebe set his highest live score to date, listen to Will Wright, have my accessibility presentation located on the way to the room Sid Meyer was speaking in (which meant a TON of foot traffic that saw me speak), get hugged by Raychul Moore (who is, very amusingly, afraid if midgets), run into a bunch of friends from Volition,  drink with Seth Killian (CAPCOM community manager) at the speakers’ party and get assaulted by a bush at the Fisherman’s Warf. Over all, it was a great trip.

What have I been doing since GDC? Well, a lot. I’ve moved twice since then… and I’m moving again next week. This time to Orlando. That’s taken up a lot of my time that I would have spent doing other things, such as writing for the site.  And you know what’s really exciting? I’m moving again in like 6 months…

Anyway, I’ve also done some accessibility work. I spoke to some students at this year’s Interfaces conference (read about it here) and I loved it. I decided that students are really the key to the future of accessibility. It was great. Also, when I got done speaking to them I got to go drinking with some cool people from the industry. I even argued with Christian Allen (Creative Director of Halo Reach) on whether or not PC gaming is dead and if I’m considered a hard core gamer.

I also did work with my bff, Michelle Hinn. We worked on a book chapter together which I’m pretty excited about. I will keep you posted on what’s going on with that when I know more. We’re also going to be speaking together in London this October about game accessibility and presenting some stuff similar to what I did at GDC this year. I’m crazy excited about that because I haven’t ever been to England.

Michelle and I also started doing some work for her new non-profit foundation, the Pursuit of Happiness Foundation. Our website and such isn’t up yet, but it shouldn’t take too long. Our primary goal is to help get controllers to kids in hospitals, while also helping spread the word of game accessibility. I’m currently our VP of Industry Relations and head of the Orlando office. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that.

To be truthful, my AbleGamers work has been massively slacking. 😦 But, I did just email Mark and Steve (President and Editor) and ask for writing assignments.

I have some other gaming related things up my sleeve- like becoming more active in IGDA, working on a game with a few other people, and trying to brain wash more students… but I think I’m going to save posts on that until they’re actually happening.


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