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Where have Katie and Kristi Gone?

Well, they’ve gone to the land of adults to work and pay rent and stuff. So, we have to things to clear up here.

They aren’t gone for good. Right now Kristi is off having adventures with movies or something out east somewhere and Katie is busy getting tattoo horny wishing she had my bad ass rib piece while working a grown up job and making cash monies.

I only took them off so they wouldn’t feel pressured to keep up with anything. We don’t make any money off this and never plan to, so I don’t want to interfere with their real, that you know, do make money.

They’re still gamers, and still awesome and will be back to share their awesomeness with us as soon as they have the time. They still have their all powerful access to do whatever with the site, so they can still post when their free. They just aren’t gonna have their own author pages because they aren’t full time writers right now. When they come back to write all the time, they will post their author pages up again. 🙂

I’m not going to go into too much detail about what their up to, because I figure that’s something they can do on their own if they feel like it.


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