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I got some more tattoos.

Also during my absence from Thoughts, I went and got some more tattoos, some more video game tattoos.

On my right forearm I got the one pictured below. It’s a quote from the Silent Hill movie. And although I think that last 20 minutes of the movie completely sucked, I loved the series and wanted something a little less obvious that it was a video game tattoo (since you know, there’s a triforce on my other arm).

What I absolutely love about this one tattoo is that it’s done in my own handwriting. I walked into the parlor, wrote it on the paper, and got it done. That was it.

My other tattoo I got is huge. I was torn on what I wanted… I had a small tattoo I wanted to cover… and I wanted a steam punk tattoo, pin up tattoo, video game tattoo or a tattoo with personal meaning.  I ended up getting Vasha from Red Faction: Guerrilla as a pin up. She has it all in one. The version of Vasha that I have tattooed on me is a mixture between Vasha’s concept art and what she ended up looking like in game, except her boobs are way bigger. Funny enough, I asked the tattoo artist to make them huge.

For me getting Vasha was cool because I tested like all of her mission’s when I worked on the game and would quote her constantly.



2 responses to “I got some more tattoos.

  1. Val July 17, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Nice ass, nice scar…

    There is a set??? SAUCE PLS!!!

    (wtf fatass in the mirror??)

  2. Jazmyn November 13, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    alessa’s mother said that as the darkness was coming! hellz ya!

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