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Modern Warfare 2: Taking the Cake! (Spoilers)

by Kristianna

Let me start off by saying that it wasn’t until Left 4 Dead that I really started becoming a fan of shooters. With this in mind, war games were never my forte. I had recently purchased Left 4 Dead 2, so peeling myself away for 5 minutes was tough. I finally became curious enough of the hype to give Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a go. I don’t believe I can say anything but, HOLY SHIT!

The fantastic thing of MW2 is that if you haven’t played the first (which I would recommend), it wont prevent you from playing the second. An introduction brings you to speed where the story picks up 5 years later. You have been fighting a long side Russia, who has eventually turned it’s back on you. While things are heated between the countries, violence is at a hold. You also have a new face in terrorism– Makarov. Makarov commands many ex Spetsnaz in an elite Russian terrorist organization. As the game says, you take down one evil, and there’s always someone bigger to replace it.

A couple missions in is where things get hot and heavy. Your opted to either play or skip the infamous controversial scene. You attempt to infiltrate Makarov’s group, where you walk through a Russian airport and gun down innocent civilians. After turning things into a blood bath, Makarov guns you down leaving you for the Russians to find. Assuming the group was only American, the people of Russia cry war. This is where things take off.

You spend your time trying to link Makarov’s group to the terrorist attack. You race around the world trying to unveil different facts that can lead you to proving the United States innocence, and preventing an all out world war. In the meantime you’re also spending your time running through different countries holding the terrorists at bay. While the scenery isn’t ground breaking, MW2’s variety of location and attention to fine detail certainly adds the icing to a very delicious cake.

If you’re looking for a little change from single player you can switch things up with Spec-Ops. This can either be done single player or co-operative. It hardly seems fair or fun to breeze by solo, so I stuck with co-op. Infinity Ward also included a difficulty setting to tailor the each player, so you’re partner can have an easier setting if their abilities a slightly less than par… or vice versa. Some missions require to go in guns blazing, some require a more stealthy approach, but with 20+ missions you’ll keep yourself entertained for hours. Just remember, just because you can complete one mission on hardened or veteran, do not count on it being so easy for other missions.

My mom always told me drugs were bad, but I recently found something more addicting than crack– Multiplayer. This alone has exceeded the games value over and over again. Team death match, free for all, and capture the flag are just some of the few modes that can be played on multiplayer. One of my favorite aspects is perks given not only to kill streaks, but to death streaks as well. Dying so many times in a row without a kill could allow you to Copycat your killer (ie: steal his perks/weapons/etc), allot a temporary health boost upon respawn with Pain Killer, make you drop a grenade upon your next death (in hopes your killer is nearby) with Martyrdom, and a few other fun filled goodies.

Fortunately Infinity Ward stuck with one of the things that really makes their multiplayer– Kill Streaks. The perks that come with this can truly alter the outcome of the game. You can drop missiles via UAV, Emergency Airdrop crates which delegate more perks, call in air strikes, or just nuke the whole damn place! As you begin to level up you’re able to upgrade other things as well that help to finely tune your character.  The better you become the more weapons and perks you can unlock. So if there is someone like me who comes in late, starts at level 1 and knifes a level 70, victory is oh so sweet. Finally, one of my favorite parts about multiplayer is the Winning Kill camera, mainly for comical humor. I love having the final kill on display for everybody to see– especially when it’s my death.

Here’s an example of some of the Kill Streak rewards.

The fantastic thing about MW2 is that it isn’t just your typical hit em’ up shooter. You play a variety of characters (mainly Roach), are introduced to new characters, and cross paths with old acquaintances. Infinity Ward involved different elements to the game to keep things interesting. Whether you’re shooting and shenking, dropping predator missiles, piloting a helicopter, or racing through the mountains with a snow-mobile, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has exceeded my expectations not only on what a shooter should be, but what a video game should be.

Modern Warfare 2 could have been perfect, but they forgot one element, NOM4D. After the release of Call of Duty 4 and World at War Infinity Ward did something inspirational. They released something called the “NOM4D Patch”. This was a special request by Randy “NOM4D” Fitzgerald to allow a button schematic that allows him to play with his face due to his physical handicap. Instead of using the trigger to sight the gun, he can now toggle, thus eliminating the need for the trigger while operating the other functions of his character. Looking forward to Modern Warfare 2, Randy Fitzgerald has signed up for multiple tournaments in hopes to compete. Unfortunately upon the release of MW2 the NOM4D setting was not available. Modern Warfare 2 was released back in early November, but Infinity Ward has yet to answer why the setting was not included after they claimed it would be. This is extremely disheartening to see such a wonderful gesture by Infinity Ward be recanted upon the release of an amazing game. We will be interviewing NOM4D later, so please look for that coming soon. Lets hope that Infinity Ward implements the setting before then, so Randy and other gamers like him can enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fairly, something so many have taken for-granted.


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