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Kristi’s Blog Entry

Hey Everybody!

So a big fat apology on my end as I have been very neglectful of just about everything to do with this site. Unfortunately the economy has hit my family and I very hard, so being able to find the time to do anything other than try and make money is rare.

Chris (boyfriend) and I decided to leave Philadelphia due to me being screwed on college (yet again) and the inability to afford 1000 a month for a studio apartment. We moved in with my mom and brother to attempt to save money. My mother had just moved about 2 weeks prior to a semi-small town north of where I grew up. To say it politely, we do highly dislike this place.

I’ve never lived somewhere so racist in my life; where being hateful is socially acceptable. I’m better than this, but unfortunately it’s something I have to bare. Chris and I ended up finding work at our local movie theater in the meantime, run by our 18 year old manager. I’m sure you can all figure how this pans out. I would like to know when inexperience, immaturity, attitude, and manic depression over ruled experience, maturity, professionalism, and a positive attitude? Needless to say, I’m not one for tolerating the above. If there is a few things I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s not being walked on. Chris ended up making a mistake that got him written up. He did the right thing and fixed his mistake, but this added fuel to our manager’s fire. Due to her disdain for him she cut his hours. If this was all, well I could understand as sometimes mistakes happen, and sometimes there are repercussions for them. She then jumped the gun and explained to another manager that because Chris made a mistake, that I would too eventually, so she needs to cut my hours before that happens. Clearly, I’m incapable of learning from someone else’s mistake.

Well about two weeks ago my grandma took a really bad fall down a flight of stairs and broke her shoulder and was pretty roughed up. She has been out of the hospital for about a week now, but with the job industry so dog eat dog, nobody in my family is able to take the time off without a risk of losing their jobs. So I’m leaving mine (although I need the money SO badly, woo hoo!) and shipping off to Detroit for a few weeks to start and then I’ll go from there.

One awesome positive that I have to point out is that I’ve been interning with a lighting and film company. I get paid on some jobs, but for the work I do around the shop is an internship. Either way, they make being here in Lebanon worth dealing with. They’re some of the best people to work with, laid back, and it really is a dream job working with them. Unfortunately it’s so new and the economy is so dry that full-time work is next to nada, but with time and hard work things will pick up for them.

I will try and do more when I return from Detroit. So I bid you all farewell and wish you all have a very happy, safe, and fun filled holiday.

With love,



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