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Games from my Childhood – Part 1

listed in no order by a reminiscing Tara

Being in a nostalgic mood, I made a list of games from my childhood and wrote about them. The list was long, and they clearly aren’t all here. I figured I would go back to later and do a part two because there were so many I felt needed mentioned… I mean Pokemon Snap isn’t even on this one!

Tomb Raider: Playstation
Tomb Raider box artMy dad had just bought my younger brother and me our Playstation when I picked up Tomb Raider. Actually, it was the first game that I purchased for the system. My dad had taken my brother and me to the local Walmart and we both got to choose one game to buy. I picked Tomb Raider. It was one of my favorite games from then on.

Reason I played it first:
To be honest, probably because there was a girl on the cover.

It’s a third person, 3D action adventure game. You control Lara and navigate here through a series of caves and temples while solving puzzles and killing enemies. Dinosaur enemies… T-Rex enemies. Well, okay… they aren’t that many T-Rexes. But it was still super intense to be a kid and here the “DUH-DUH” followed by the violins starting to play… because you knew it wasn’t good.

Here’s the T-Rex part I was talking about.

Do I still have it? Yes.

How has it held up? I still love playing this game. Although the graphics didn’t fare well as time went on, the game play is still great. The controls, even after adjusting to modern games, still handle smoothly and are easy to use. This game will continue to stand the test of time.

Memorable Moment: To be honest, I loved the theme song for this game. It was simple and elegant. I still find myself humming it to myself every now and then.

Legend of Zelda: NES
zelda_boxI have no idea how I got a copy of this game. To be honest, ever since I can remember I’ve had it (which may be directly related to the fact the game came out the year I was born). Of course I didn’t play the game the year it was released, I was only a baby. But I did started playing it (for real) about the time I was in first grade. I would pour hours into Zelda and loved it dearly. And that’s how it became the first game I ever beat.

Reason I played it first:
I remember seeing my mom, or maybe my step dad, play it while I was a kid. And then I wanted to after that. It’s that simple.

From on top down perspective you guide Link through Hyrule in his journey to collect the pieces of the Triforce and save Princess Zelda. You go through 9 temples or dungeons, each one with on item to collect and a boss to fight. When you’ve collected them all, you fight the evil Ganon!

Do I still have it? Yes, although not my NES copy. I have the Zelda collector’s disc for GameCube which has it on there.

How has it held up? The Zelda series has gone through a lot of changes, and put out a lot of games. Some, I will admit, better than the original. I still love this game though. I’ve even tried to speed run it before. I was doing pretty well until I hit the seventh dungeon… then I couldn’t remember anything.

Memorable moment: I first got in trouble for inappropriate language while playing this game. I remember not knowing how to get a new sword and saying “I don’t know how to get the damn sword.” My mother then stuck a bar of soap in my mouth. Yuck.

Tekken 2 – Playstation
tekken-2-11Tekken 2 started a long standing passion with the Tekken games for me and my younger brother. This game really was a family bonding game for my brother, my dad, my uncle and myself. We’d sit on the couch and take turns versing each other until we grew tired.

Reason I played it first:
Some Playstation demo disc me and my brother had.

Tekken 2 is a 3D fighting game with 25 playable characters. The controls are set up with 2 punch buttons and 2 kick buttons, and special moves and combos are accomplished by pressing a series of buttons that include both the directional buttons and the punch and kick buttons. The first player to deplete the other player’s life bar wins.

Intro video followed by some game footage:

Do I still have it? I sure do. The case hasn’t fared as well though. It’s long gone.

How has it held up? As time went on the Tekken series has evolved, it also sped up. Playing Tekken 2 now seems sluggish and unrefined. It’s nice to play for the reminiscent factor, but if I’m going to play a fighting game I’d much rather play Tekken 5 or 6 now.

MediEvil – Playstation
MediEvilThere’s just something memorable about a game who’s main character has no jaw and one eye… and also fights the early stages of the game with his own arm.

Reason I played it first:
Four Words – Pizza Hut Demo Disc

Medievil is a another 3D action adventure game where you navigate your character, once a hero, now a bag on bones around solving simple puzzles and killing enemies. That’s about all I remember. I think there was an evil wizard maybe?

Do I still have it? I sure don’t. And I have no idea what happen to it.

How has it held up? I have no idea. I haven’t played it since I was a kid. I hope it’s as glorious as I remember it being, but I don’t know. If I ever track a copy down I will let you know.

Silent Hill – Playstation
silenthill_boxI think that fact that Silent Hill shows up on my childhood game list shows my parents didn’t read the label of whatever I was playing. This game scared me to death as a child, but for some reason I kept playing it. I remember the sound effects in the music in the school were exceptionally terrifying.

Reason I played it first:
I have no idea. I don’t even know where our copy of the game came from. It was just there at our Dad’s house one day. I think my brother just found it and put it in. It had to have been one of my dad’s friend’s games.


It’s a third person survival horror with wonky camera angles and horribly awkward combat. Your task is to lead Harry Mason through the deserted down of Silent Hill while looking for his daughter Cheryl. You tour all of Silent Hill scenic locations such as the school, hospital, church… monster infested streets… you know, the usual.

Intro Video with some game play

Do I still have it? I sure do. The case is dead, by the game is in prestine condition.

How has it held up? Silent Hill has held up quite well in some areas and horribly in others. Silent Hill is still considered amazing at setting up atmosphere and the music. The graphics didn’t hold up well at all. And the control scheme has gone under fire as well. Some people see it as adding to the atmosphere and confusion that is Silent Hill. Others just see it as annoying and a unnecessary obstacle. So overall it’s held up okay, but not as well as I would like.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – NES (The one that was released in North America only)
indiana_jones_and_the_last_crusade_nesI’ve always been a huge Indiana Jones fan. I mean, massively huge. Of course I was going to play the game. The amount of time I played this game easily rivaled Zelda. I wasn’t ever able to beat it though.

Reason I played it first:
My mom bought me this game from a  yard sale I think. I’m not really sure. I just know one day she came home with it and I was in love.


It was a side-scrolling action adventure game, mixed in with some mini-games involving timed puzzles. What was most awesome about this game was at times the player could choose what part of the story you would like to follow. So I could choose if I wanted to go to the castle to get my father first or to go save Marcus.

A speed run of the entire game

Do I still have it? No, I don’t. When I was younger the game had a mishap involving my little brother and then it stopped working after that. I was really upset.

How has it held up? I’m not really sure. I don’t see it holding up super well though. I will say I would play it again. I never beat the game as the kid before it was broken. Mainly because I always lost the grail diary.


3 responses to “Games from my Childhood – Part 1

  1. Harshil October 8, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    What’s the matter, you didn’t have an SNES as a kid or something? Where’s the Killer Instinct?

  2. girlongames March 10, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Love this, great thinking back to games we played kids =D
    Mine seriously differ from yours though because I was a total N64 fangirl =D

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