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Magician Spotlight – Danny Rudnick

by a very young hearted Tara

Thoughts from a (Girl) Gamer would like to take a break from our normal video game related content with this special presentation.

Magician Danny RudnickThis is something totally different for Thoughts from a (Girl) Gamer. We’ve covered a lot, but until now “magicians” wasn’t something on our list. But why haven’t we? I have no idea. Why would we? Well, now I know that. We would because they make us smile, make us feel like kids again, and are pretty much awesome all around, just like video games! So here for our first (and to be honest probably our only) Magician Spotlight – we have DANNY RUDNICK!

So, here is a brief bio on Danny, followed by some of his performances:

Danny Rudnick has been performing magic since he was 5 years old. He is currently attending the University of Illinois, but also spends a lot of time in his hometown of Chicago.

In the Champaign/Urbana area, you may have seen him performing at The Clybourne, Firehaus, Dallas & Co., in random lecture halls, and possibly even heard him doing magic over the radio on WPGU!

In Chicago, he works at the world famous Magic, Inc., the country’s oldest family owned magic shop.  While there, he demonstrates magic for customers, reviews magic tricks (new and old), and is currently in the works creating and producing his own original magic tricks!

Danny is an awesome performer and easy to like. I met him back when I went to U of I. We had a chemistry lab together and he would perform tricks for us in our down time. It was super awesome. I’m sure you’re wanting to see some, so first here is a video I took when I met up with Danny last week.

This is the kind of magic I love seeing Danny do, the one on one tricks. He does these for me all the time. In this video he manages to shrink the card I’m holding onto… it’s pretty nifty.

This is a nifty rope trick that I absolutely love.

In this video Danny magically switches a card with a card from another deck. There is some slight camera wonkiness but I promise that it doesn’t have anything to do with the trick. Danny’s magic is meant to be performed live.

As mentioned earlier Danny loves performing in person. We will always let you know when he is performing in the area but you could always check out the Magician Danny Rudnick Facebook page for the latest updates and contact information (in case you would like to have him perform!). I totally recommend you get a hold of him. I had him perform at my 20th birthday. He swapped out the card I had picked out with another card… while my card was in my bra… with out my knowledge. It was awesome.

Oh, during our meeting we did discuss a little bit of video games –

Tara: So, you are being interviewed for a video game site. So I have to ask… do you play video games?

Danny: I more like to watch other people play. That way it’s like a movie, but now when I yell at the characters on screen, they do what I want them to.

So there you go, our first ever Magician Spotlight. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I loved watching him perform tricks for me. 🙂


One response to “Magician Spotlight – Danny Rudnick

  1. Kate M September 16, 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Gotta love me some D rudnick, ya know?

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