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Left 4 Dead 2- Here’s what I know.

all the Left 4 Dead 2 News Tara could track down

I think it will be best to start this off by showing the teaser trailer from E3. Let’s check it out.

Left 4 Dead 2 BoxAlright, as a fan of the original Left 4 Dead, I’ve become really curious to know what the sequel has in store for us. Assuming that other L4D fans may be want to know too, I’ve complied most of what I have found for you in one easy to locate and read article.

So, what do we know?

It’s coming out this fall, Tuesday, Novemeber 17th. Left 4 Dead 2 takes place on week after the original, this time starting us out in Savannah, Ga., and crossing state lines into the New Orleans French Quarter. Taking place just after the original game, the southern states knew something bad was happening up north. Mixed news reports were leaking out, but no one really knew (or maybe believed) what was happening. The southern states tried to keep the infection under control by first telling residents that washing their hands and other common sense procedures could help stop the spread of infection and keep them safe. Of course it didn’t, and they had to evacuate the area and dispatched haz-mat teams. That’s where we start playing. With a new location also comes new survivors. This time we follow Rochelle, the single female character and local news reporter; Ellis a young mechanic; Nick, some sort of gambler and rich guy; and Coach, who is of course a high-school football coach.

Left 4 Dead Survivors

Left 4 Dead 2 will also be offering five new campaigns, and all of them will be available for versus mode- straight from the box. (Yay not having to wait for DLC!) In addition, Valve has promised us some new sort of multiplayer mode that they have yet to announce. Right now the we know the details of two of the five campaigns. One takes place in the swamp at night, where fog is present to make it harder to see the zombies. In addition, the swamp has a new common infected (only located in the swamp) who can run quickly through waist deep water. Details have also been released about the New Orleans campaign. It takes place in the French Quarter during the day, a huge change from any campaign in the first game (which all took place at night). The day light also changes how the infected move and react during the game. For example, the witch will wander around during the day instead of sitting in one place. New Orleans also comes with it’s own “special” common infected, the haz-mat guy. Adorned with his special suit, he won’t catch fire when you throw a Molotov at him.

Although the game does have the L4D standard weapons (shot gun, pistols, rifle, machine gun) they all have been tweaked a little for the new game. what is even more (potentially) awesome is the availability of certain upgrades, such as incendiary ammo. They ammo appears to be available for any gun, and as one would guess, catches your infected foe on fire in a single shot.

Here’s a video:

In addition to upgrading the weapons that have carried over, melee weapons have been implemented into the game. Zombies can now be sliced, chopped, bludgeoned, and beaten with the use of chain saws, fire axes, frying pans and baseball bats. The melee weapons are very powerful (the fire ax can kill certain special infected in one hit) but come at a price of short range. The frying pan seems almost comical, with the class “gong” noise that a frying pan makes when struck against something. The fire ax on the other hand, is a little more gruesome. Attacking zombies with this weapons hacks off body parts, or even cuts them in half.

Here’s a video of the frying pan in action!

And here’s the ax:

There have also been tweaks made to the every famous AI director… and now it’s smarter. Not only will it drop a hunter to kill you when you wander away from the group, but if you seem to be navigating the infected streets like a breeze, it will actually change the lay out of the map to make it harder for you to find your way. In addition, Valve has given the AI director new special infected to play with. There are at least three (maybe four) being added to L4D2. It’s been confirmed that one is named the “Charger.” This new comer has been added to change the way the game is played and add a sense of panic. The charger runs in and throws players away from the wall, meaning you can no longer sit in a corner and melee to keep yourself safe. In addition to getting you off the wall, he launches you away from the other survivors, separating the group when staying together is key.

Although L4D2 is set to come out this fall, Valve has promised that they will still continue support for the original. Even more so, they have talked about some big announcement for L4D that will be announced sometime before L4D2 is release. One can only hope it’s something good.


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