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Prince of Persia Review

by Tara ❤

Prince Of Persia box art
I haven’t been sure how to go about writing my review of Prince of Persia, mainly because I kept changing my mind on whether I liked it or not.

I would to start by saying right away, this game’s visuals are amazing. I kept finding myself stating how pretty the game was, over and over. Unlike a lot of the games today that go for gritty realism and paint a world in grey and brown, Prince of Persia has bright, eye-popping colors. The entire world seems to have a soft flow to it, which is probably related to the cell shaded art style. Animations are seamless and the characters fit very naturally into the world. Like I keep saying, this game is really pretty. I love how this game looks. Look for yourself:

Sadly, the visuals seem to be the only thing I really love about this game.

As you may have known about the Prince of Persia games, they tend to be a weird sort of action adventure-platforming mix. And although all the characters and story lines from previous games were abandoned, they did keep the game play style the same. Much of it is you navigating the Prince around multilevel, destroyed cities. Learning to control the Prince is fairly easy and the game takes ample time to make sure you understand how to get from point A to point B efficiently. Although the jumping, climbing, swinging world exploration is fun at first, the feeling of satisfaction you get from crazy jumping wall-to-wall combos doesn’t last long. Most of the game comprises of you climbing your way up to the top of a tower to a boss fight, Elika (your spunky, female side kick) having a seizure that rids that land of evil, and then climbing pack down while collecting floats balls of lights (known as light seeds) for Elika so she can get new powers. In other words, you get to explore and climb every part of the map tiwce. It gets really repetitive, and it does so fairly quickly.

As do the boss fights now that I think about it. There are four sub bosses before the final big boss, but you fight each sub boss about four times. The battle doesn’t change much from on battle to he next, so it gets kind of old.

As for the fighting combat itself, you can do somethings that look really cool by just mashing buttons and throwing Elika at your enemies. There are grapple, sword, acrobatic and magic attacks. In theory you can hit someone with your sword, throw them in the air, jump in the air next to them, then throw Elika at them for a really nifty looking combo, or something like that. I never took the time to learn how to actually do combos because it doesn’t really matter, you can never die. Really. You can’t die. Ever. If you fall of a cliff, Elika saves you with her magic. If you are about to get smashed by an enemy, a quick time event occurs. If you win the quick time event you walked away fine. If you lose, your enemy gets more health, so it doesn’t really make the battle harder, just longer.

I think the most annoying thing about the game is the dialogue between the Prince and Elika. It’s like they are two snotty, rich high schoolers who can’t decided if they like each other or not. It’s bad.

On a side note, if you like achievements this game is for you. You get like seven in the first 10 minutes. There are so many super easy ones like one for starting a game, one for falling off a cliff for the first time, one for looking at your map, one for using the GPS magic, one for talking to Elika a few times….

Anyway to go back to where I started, I couldn’t decide if I liked this game or not.  I would play it, like it, get bored. Then I wouldn’t play it for a bit… play it again, like it, and get bored. I think my final verdict is this game is far too repetitive for me to really enjoy, but it’s okay. I don’t mind it in short bursts or if I haven’t played it in a while. I can’t say that I would tell anyone to buy it, but I would suggest renting it for sure. I think that everyone should at least check out the visuals and get the sense of pride you get from doing your first super jumpy, wall running combo. And if you rent it, you can bring it back before it gets old and boring.


One response to “Prince of Persia Review

  1. Brendan August 3, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    I agree that the game was far too repetitive. You fight the same boss over and over again and there are very few enemies compared to previous PoP games. The game only took me ~4 hours to beat as well, which was highly disappointing.

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