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And We’re Back! InterFaces 2009

Alright, everyone over here at Thoughts from a Gamer sort of went on an extended break, but we’re back now. So to kick off I have some of my notes from my trip to the third Annual Interfaces Conference presented by the International Academy of Design and Technology in Detroit.

Notice I did say some notes, I’m waiting for an email back from Chris Avellone before I type up the notes on his presentations so I make sure I didn’t miss anything. So here is a brief summary of each of the presentations Brian or I attended (taken straight out of the InterFaces program). Each of the presentations have their own article, so be sure to check them out.

System & Combat Design

Marc Acero
Sr Action Designer
BioWare EA

Marc Acero will be sharing his experience and philosophies he’s acquired working in the trenches of game development and applying them to System and Combat design. Topics include; it takes a great team to make great game, games are for players, building for the masses, leaving depth fot the advanced, the three “C”‘s, and difficulty scaling strategy based.

User Generated Content: Game Systems/ Game Stories

David “Zeb” Cook
Lead Content Designer
Zenimax Online

Telling stories in games isn’t just about words, characters, and plot. Games are about letting the player create his own story – letting user action generate story. Since game systems are the “how” of games, it’s all about the choices the designer makes and how the player uses those choices to shape his own story, for good or ill.

From Script to Screen

Chris Avellone
Creative Lead and & Co-owner
Obsidian Entertainment

Covering titles from Star Wars: Nights of the Old Republic II to the soon-to-be-released Alhpa Protocol, this talk focuses on the elements involved in carrying a role-playing script from the initial production to the final cinematics, including its effects on the game mechanics and the character interaction pipelines. This talk is not only intended to provide concrete examples, but encourage audience questions through out the talk as well.

Hope you enjoy the notes! ❤ Tara


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