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7 Awesome Flash Games

a fun list by Tara

There is at some point in everyone’s life a time when they are bored. For many of us, this time comes while we are at school, or work… and unable to get beacon of hope known as our living room, where our XBox360s, Wiis, PS3s and other home consoles lie waiting. When these moments strike, there is only one option- flash games. Listed below are seven flash games (listed in no particular order) that can save you and your sanity if needed.

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself
So, you are an officer worker drone who is sick of it all. Knowing there is only one way out, the player is challenged to kill their character in five minutes with the use of the things found in the office. This includes everything from the stapler, to the God-fearing co-worker. Although the idea of a game where the player is told to kill themselves sounds horrid, it’s done in a cartoony fashion so it ends up being hysterical. 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself 2: Family reunion was recently made as well. I haven’t played it yet, but if it is as amazing as the original, it’s a must.

Amateur Surgeon
Ok, picture Trauma Center but with a pizza delivery guy instead of doctors, a back alley instead of a hospital, and random tools you have in your garage in place of medical instruments. This, my friends, is Amateur Surgeon. This game is about twelve kinds of awesomeness.

Ninja Roll
Ninja Roll is a puzzle game. You draw a ramps and paths for a ninja who is in a ball to roll around on and hit all these different dots. If you get your ninja in a ball to get all the dots, you move on to the next level. As the level progresses the maps require you to take physics into account as the dots will be above and/or below you, with obstacles in your path. The camera controls are a little wonky, but the game over all is pretty fun.

Lemonade Stand
So you know every Tycoon game in which you have some sort of business and you have to make money and keep costumers happy and blah blah blah? This is that game… if it were a flash game about a lemonade stand. I can’t really tell you why I am so amused by it, but it can really be addicting… and awesome…. awesomely addicting.

Zombie Wars
Who doesn’t love killing  zombies? Answer: No one. In this game you are a lone gunman facing an entire army of zombies. It’s pretty simple. Kill all the zombies to move onto the next level. As you progress, new zombie types emerge and along with new weapons. Pretty standard, if awesome zombie killing is the standard that is.

Flash Sonic
So, some guy decided he wanted to have a Sonic flash game. Then, he made it. The game has the typical Sonic feel to it and the player can go through authentic looking levels as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and what ever that bunny was named. This is an excellent choice for those nostalgic of old Sonic.

Kitten Cannon
Fire kittens out of a cannon. Try to make them go as far as you can. The end.


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