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Prototype: A Sneak Peak

by Kristianna

Prototype, developed by Radical Entertainment, is the story of Alex Mercer. A man who wakes up in the morgue ready to be disected. He fights his way out of a laboratory into the city not knowing anything but his name. You are this man in an open world New York City. You have an incredible gift to shape shift paired with superhuman strength.


Radical Entertainment is attempting to set the bar of story telling with their uniquely designed Web of Intrigue. In order for Alex shape shift he must first eat the person with that ability. When finished consuming the person Alex begins to flashback and will also absorb that persons memories. Once this process is complete Alex is able to then shape shift to that person. Over time, different peoples memories begin to form together to give Alex some insight on how he has this ability.


Another fascinating detail to the game is it’s evolution. A virus has broken out in New York City, and is attempting to be controlled by the government facilities. As the game progresses the virus evolves and begins infecting not only people but places, turning buildings into hive based infections. Animals become infected too, evolving with super strength and size.


Prototype appears like an incredible display of story and bloody infected gore, because of this I’m willing to overlook the fact that Alex looks and runs much like the hunter in Left4Dead. I recommend you all go out and reserve your copy today for June 09’, as I have a feeling this game will not disappoint. If this little synopsis has not convinced you, I recommend you watch the trailer below.


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