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The Stereotypes of XBox Live

by Tara

Most gamers are diverse and come from every walk of life, all around the world. They have different feelings, personalities, play styles and interests. Most can’t be lumped into some group and called ‘that’ type of gamer. But, no one can deny that there are some that can be categorized. This is a list of the most stereotypical gamers that people meet on Xbox Live.

The Bro
Games you’ll find them in: Most shooters such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Halo 3, Gears of War 1 and 2
How to spot one: The first sign of a bro is the loud shouting of commands to team members, usually followed by the word bro. Such as “Cover me, bro!” “Follow me, bro!” and “Let me pick up the shottie, bro!” They are also likely to be shouting phrases such as “Get some!” or “Headshot!” after killing an enemy combatant.
Additional bro information: Bros are most likely high school or college aged boys. Bros can be online alone, although they are most likely to be in party with other bros like themselves. Bros namely stick to first person shooters, but can be seen in third person shooter as well. A common characteristic of a bro is a post-death tea bagging on the corpse of his recently fallen enemy. This is done to ensure the bro knows that the enemy knows that he is the more dominate male. When not on XBox Live, bros enjoy binge drinking, wearing vertically striped button up shirts, and tail gating.

The Brat Kid
Games you’ll find them in: Any mature rated game, usually shooters and especially games that people under the age of 12 should not be playing.
How to spot one: The first time the brat kid kills or is killed, the brat kid will loudly shout about killing you, or complain that you killing them is not fair. They will often shout curse words, just to prove that they are as tough as everyone else playing. They talk excessively and tend to be very annoying.
Additional brat kid information: When the brat kid is not on XBox live he is likely stating that he doesn’t like the dinner that his mother has prepared for him, that his allowance isn’t high enough, or that his parents don’t live him because they didn’t buy him the newest game/toy/cell phone/ etc. The brat kid is always spoiled and it is likely that you hear the kid argue with his mother while he is playing online. The brat kid seems to either not know that he can turn off his head set or has the inability to do so. This allows you to hear about him whining for his glass of chocolate milk. See video for example.

The Silent Killer
Game’s you find them in: Any game that has multiplayer.
How to spot one: The silent killer does not have a mic, or decides never to use it. The silent killer will always have the most kills in any multiplayer mode. In addition, the silent killer never interacts with his teammates but does not need them for his survival. He just stays alive.
Other silent killer information: The best advice for anyone who has encountered a silent killer is to let him do his thing and pray you are on his team. It is not known why the silent killer does not communicate with his teammates (other than he apparently doesn’t need to kick your ass). It is not sure what the silent killer does in his free time when not playing online.

The girl friend who doesn’t know what she is doing
Game’s you find them in: Games with multiplayer that you are allowed to bring guests on
How to spot one: The girlfriend can be easily identified by saying several key phrases such as “I don’t know what I’m doing,” “Sorry,” “What button does what?” and excessive giggling or shrieking.
Other girlfriend information: The girlfriend will be frequently be seen with the bro who she is dating. She has no intention of actually learning to play the game correctly and is playing only to hold her boyfriend’s attention. The girlfriend will frequently comment on how bad she is at video games, but swears that she is trying. The girl friend is normally more interested in activities such as tanning and pedicures.

The Noob

Games you’ll find them in: the current and most popular multiplayer titles such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Halo 3, Left 4 Dead, and Street Fighter 4

How to spot one: The noob will claim to know all game mechanics, but will not be able to use any of them correctly. The noob will constantly die, lose, leave the group and never be able to execute a head shot.
Other noob information: The noob really wants to be good at whatever game he is playing, and may even claim to be so. The noob will often read a manual or guide for a game, and then upon doing so assume he is now an expert. Although noobs often have an understanding of basic game mechanics, they will not have the needed strategy or skills to be good at it. Noobs do not learn from their mistakes and can often be killed in multiplayer games the same way repeatedly without the noob realizing they need to change something. Noobs frequently appear on game forums, posting information that should never be trusted.

The Team Leader
Games you will find them in: Games that rely on team cooperation such as Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil 5
How to Spot one: The team leader will be giving directions to any player via head set and tries to keep his teammates alive. He knows that to do, and what to do his follow him.
Other noob information: The team leader will be very experienced at whatever game he is playing. He will have nearly all (if not all) achievements. The team leader will have detailed knowledge of spawn points, weapons, weapon locations, paths, place to hide, places to snipe, enemies, terrain, vehicles, strategies and more. The Team leader normally becomes the team leader after a bro or noob gives what he deems to be inaccurate information. From the point on he gives directions to everyone, hoping only to win the match. The team leader will often be an average gamer overall who has an exceptional knowledge of one game in particular, most likely their favorite game.

The AFK Guy
Games you’ll find them in: Multiplayer modes that have team based modes such as team anarchy.
How to Spot one: He won’t be doing anything or responding to your plea to do something.
Other AFK information: The AFK really intended to play whatever multiplayer game he joined. He never intends to let his teammates down, but something always comes up. Every time he starts a match he realizes that his food is done, the phone is ringing, he needs to check the mail, water the plants, feed his pets, pick up the living room, get new batteries for his controller or use the restroom. The AFK is often the cause of people dropping from matches or causing the team to lose. See video below for example.


5 responses to “The Stereotypes of XBox Live

  1. venahcolt April 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    I was just browsing the blogs, and stumbled upon this. I enjoyed this post. I am a gamer too and I like seeing someone “categorizing” players.

    I do not fall in any of these categories, but I am a combo of a Silent Killer – Noob. I’m a noob at games that require a lot of ammo or attention to score something, but a silent killer at the other FPS’ (like CoD 4 MW – hardcore matches).

    So, here was a no lifer’s comment 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon. Bye!

  2. M_the_C April 25, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Nice article.

    I’m a PC gamer myself but I recognise all these types, with the exception of ‘The girl friend who doesn’t know what she is doing’, guess it’s more of a console thing. There certainly are some characters around.

    I don’t like to think which one I would be classified as though…

  3. Jay September 30, 2009 at 11:27 am

    I love this article. I end up being the silent killer but only because most people online open their mouth and tell on themselves how stupid they are. I know I’m dumb so I keep my mouth shut lol

  4. mattambroso October 6, 2009 at 10:41 am

    I’m the AFK guy. Not because I want to be, but because I live at home an the second I find a decent multiplayer match I am asked to take out the trash, feed the dog, clean the pool, mow the lawn, cut palm branches, get dinner started, or watch my baby cousins.

    Come to think of it… woops gotta go.

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