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How to Make a “In Case of Zombie” Kit

instructions from Tara


In case of Zombies

What you will need:

Shadow Box– These are available in sizes 5×7 to 24×36 at most craft stores. What size you want will depend on what items you would like to put in your case.
Hot glue gun

Masking tape

Letter stickers: These are available at most craft stores in the scrap booking sections. For larger lettering try the home improvement department and look for address lettering for mailboxes.  Recommended fonts are  Stencil and ARIAL ROUNDED MT BOLD. It is not recommended that you try and paint the letters on with stencils.Not only can this look sloppy, but it is easier to break the glass this way. I know. You will need the following amount of each letter-
i: 2, n: 1, c: 1, a: 3, s: 4, e: 3, o: 2, f: 1, z: 1, b: 1, r: 1, k: 1, g: 1, l: 1

Zombie fighting gear– this is up to you and what you can fit in your case depends on the size of your case :

suggested items:
toy gun (pistol or shotgun)
spray paint (for spray painting toy gun to make it look more realistic**)
field med kit
emergency glow stick
Zombie Survival Guide

Toy GunknifeMed Kitglow stick

1. Buy everything you need.
2. If you have purchased a toy gun and would like to paint it to look more realistic, do so now. This is most easily accomplished by painting a toy pistol black.
3. Allow the gun to dry over night.
4. Take the backing off of the shadow box and arrange everything how you would like it to be displayed in the case. Be sure to pay attention to the orientation of the hooks on the backing. If you plan to hang your display case, make sure the hooks on the back are aligned properly.
5. Once you are satisfied with the lay out of your items, use the hot glue gun to attach them to the backing one at a time.
6. Set aside and allow this to dry.
7. Decide how you would like your warning to be arranged on your display case. I recommend that it is arranged as such:
“IN CASE OF ZOMBIES” is displayed at the top of the case and “BREAK GLASS” is at the bottom.
8. Measure your display case so that you can keep your letters evenly spaced.
9. After determining how far apart your letters should be, mark where you would like to place your letters with tape.
10. Carefully place your letter stickers on the glass.
11. Remove the tape.
12. Your zombie survival gear hot glued to the backing should be dry now. Just to make sure that all items are securely fastened, and make adjustments if necessary.
13. Place the backing back onto the shadow box.
14. Revel in your glory.

Your case is now ready to be displayed on the wall of your choice. It is recommended that you hang an accent light over your case to draw attention to it.

*Everyone needs to be ready for the Zombie Apocolypse, and this case isn’t the way to do it. This display case is for show only and will not support the weight of a real gun. As everyone knows, all real Zombie fighting equipement needs to packed and ready to be mobile. Hanging your real apocalypse needs in a case on the wall would only slow you down.
** Some states require toy guns to have an orange tip to show that they are toys and not real. Thoughts From a Girl Gamer is not responsible for any readers who paint over the orange tip.


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