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Zombie Apocalypse protocol for camping

by Tara

zombiesatackingcampAs someone who has gone camping, I understand how necessary it is for someone to address the Zombie Apocalypse protocol for camping. Although the likely hood of an outbreak while you are on a outdoor camping break may be small, that’s no excuse to not be prepared.

I would like to start off by saying that this is not nearly as bad as you think it may be. The most important thing to remember in any zombie situation is that people mean infection, and you aren’t near people when camping. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know for this situation.

1. Don’t take chances.

When you leave to go camping, basic survival gear is a must. The bare minimum you should have when you leave is a gun or bow and arrow, a knife or hatchet, matches, flint, a canteen, a medical supply kit, food and spare clothes. No questions. Having any less than this will leave you in a situation in which you will not be able to defend yourself, hunt, make a fire, meet your basic nutritional needs or unable to treat your wounds. Additional recommended gear includes a lighter, gas lamp, flash lights, batteries and a battery powered radio.

2. Be prepared to move.

Considering you are most likely in a tent, you are probably not in a location that you can fortify. This only leaves you with one option, staying on the move. Keep all your belongings organized in a way that will be very easy to pick up and go. If possible, keep all items in nap sacks and back packs. If you have a vehicle, the most ideal situation would be to have everything that you are not using kept in the vehicle. Whether or not you should bring your tent with you really depends on how long it takes you to disassemble. If it can be done quickly, by all means take it, if it can’t then leave it behind. You have to be able to move at the first site of infected. Remember, you do not want to return home unless you live in a rural area that does not require you to drive through any towns to get to. Remember, cities mean people, and people mean infection.

3. Choose an a good spot to settle down.

When choosing a location to settle down at, it is very important to look at your surroundings. Avoid areas that put you out in the open, as you will become an easy target. When in an open area, you have to constantly watch all sides, and can be easily seen. Try to pick an area where you can at least have your back to something, leaving you one less area to have to keep an eye on. If you are near bluffs or cliffs, I highly recommend setting up camp near the base. Try to stay in an area that has lots of wildlife. In addition to be a hunt-able food source, they can also be an early warning system for nearby infected. Animals can sense zombie flesh before we can, so if you find yourself in a quiet forest with no animals, it is time to move- the infected are on their way. Try to choose a location near water. This is mainly to ensure that you constantly have something to drink. Be sure to boil any water before drinking it. Cave or caves systems are not recommended unless you have intimate knowledge of the caves. The only thing worse than a zombie apocalypse is being lost in a cave during a zombie apocalypse.

4. Play it safe.

Only light fires during the day time. When fire is lit during the day, the smoke can be used to signal rescue teams that survivors are present. Fires light at night only alert the hoard to your presence. Constantly have someone on the lookout at all times of the day. When on look out, keep in mind that there are more signs of the infected then physically seeing a zombie. If all wildlife has fled the area, you should too. Be sure to listen for the zombies’ classic moan and their highly unique (and repulsive) smell. Do not panic if you see any one of these warning signs. Remember, the infected are slow, and you can easily out run them.


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