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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

By Manda

Let me start off by saying I am not a Wii fangirl.  I did not rush out and wait in line for one.  The 360 is my pet system.  I laughed at the pandemonium surrounding it; it brought back memories of Tickle-Me-Elmo.  Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy the Wii- it just isn’t quite as necessary to my survival as my 360.

There are a few Wii games that I do, however, deem awesome.  Today I will be covering one of my top 3- Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.  For some reason, very few people liked this game as much as I did.  I quickly became addicted- I thought about it all day and all night.  I began demanding to customers that they get a Wii just for that game.  I threw my Wiimote across the room the first time I beat it.  Now, let me share with you the awesome.

The game covers Resident Evil Zero through Resident Evil 3.  Leon Kennedy appears nowhere in this game, which left me a little miffed.  Each chapter is divided into separate scenarios.  All of the old enemies from the old games appear, including Tyrant, who really sucks.  The best part of this game, in my opinion, is the fact that it’s a rail shooter.  It reminds me a little of the old House of the Dead arcade games that used to be in the movie theaters.  You move along at a pretty decent pace- but pay attention, because sometimes you’ll miss things you need, like a grenade launcher or that last file you need to get an S rank.  Another completely awesome thing is the fact that your standard handgun has unlimited ammunition.  Getting a perfect headshot is a lot easier in this game, if you have a steady hand.  If you want to change camera angles, plug the nunchuck into the Wiimote and rotate the stick.  I personally don’t use it because it detracts from that old arcade feel.

To be completely honest, I hate Wesker.  At the very sound of his voice, my blood boils.  He’s a self-absorbed jerk with no conscience.  But, in this game, he rocks.  He is the ultimate badass.  At one point, you fight the Ivans.  That was the toughest boss fight in the whole game because they’re damn near indestructible.  And they have a big cannon.  Wesker is probably the only character in the game who can handle them.  His standard handgun is also a little more ballsy.  I won’t ruin the ending for you, but I will tell you that it just made me hate Wesker even more.  Thus, the Wiimote was launched into the wall, dangerously close to my window.  I don’t believe in giving games ratings, like stars or numbers on a scale.  But this game is just really flippin’ awesome.  Everyone from the beginning gamer to the old pro will enjoy it, provided you like zombies.

Psst… there’s also a super-fun mini-game you can unlock where you get to shoot zombies like the ducks in Duck Hunt.  Make sure you kill them though- otherwise, you’ll get mobbed by them.  And those mother effers are quick.


One response to “Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

  1. Dayne April 11, 2009 at 2:04 am

    It’s refreshing to read a “blog” of sorts that is infoRmative and based on Your love of video games and not on some mAde up bullshit talking about the complexities of life just to get attention from people who doN’t like you.

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