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I’m giving out an Award!

by Tara

A lot of sites have granted themselves the ability to bestow awards as they see fit. I have decided that they if can do it, I can do too. Also, I will do it more awesomely with more awesome awards.

The first award from Thoughts From a (Girl) Gamer is the “Most Beloved in the Ginger Feline Community” award. This honor is received by those who exhibit a great appreciation for cuddly cats and kittens.

Tonight’s winner is MIKE DEBONIS!


Mike first was first introduced to the cat community by befriended Leon and Harshil cat. He played with them and accepted Harshil despite her weight problem. Mike has gained favor in the cat community by introducing me to “Cat on a Keyboard in Space” which is the source of all happiness in the world. For reference see the video below.

Mike has also been quoted as saying he can’t wait to become my roommate because once he is, he will always have a Leon cat to meet him at the door when he comes home.

Good job Mike, and well done.


One response to “I’m giving out an Award!

  1. Kristianna April 6, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Watching this = amazing.

    Watching this intoxicated = RI-FUCKING-DONKULOUS!

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