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The Mary Poppin’s Bag – or Do I Mean Candy Mountain?

by Tara

The following blogs are to be the chronicles of living in this house. This is the introduction to said blogs. I’m not sure how often they are going to be posted, just when ever I get the time or have an urge to write.

I originally dubbed my house the Mary Poppin’s bag. When seeing my home from the street, it looked small and quaint, almost adorable. Upon stepping inside though, the house seemed to defy the laws of physics. In all actuality, a previous home owner who saw himself as a handy man made several additions to the house, which could only be seen from the back. So, from the front the house looked like something cozy, but was, in truth, rather large, the Mary Poppin’s bag.

It almost seemed to good to be true, hardwood floors in decent shape, a wood and gas burning fireplace, tons of space, a good sized yard… and a deal that couldn’t be beat. Three hundred dollars a month covered rent, utilities, internet and cable. I knew that a deal this amazing only came once in a life time. So although I had only met one of the people who actually lived in the house, I went for it.

In all irony, the house has turned out to be more like Candy Mountain than anything. It looks like sweet sugary goodness, but in all honesty… I’m just waiting for my kidney to be stolen. (If you haven’t seen Charlie the Unicorn I know that that reference makes no sense to you… so feel free to watch it.) What is ironic about the Mary Poppin’s bag being more like Candy Mountain you ask? Well, Candy Mountain was the first cartoon ever watched in the home by Kate and me.

Actually, that night should have been the night that I realized that there was something wrong. After meeting all the housemates, Kate and I decided that we wanted to stay and clean some of the rooms in the house before moving in. The house had been vacant for some time, was filled with dust in addition to the creepy smell that seemed to be emanating from the basement. So, we traveled to The Dollar Store to pick up some supplies, then returned to the empty house to begin cleaning. No one volunteered to help clean any other rooms… and I doubt that they even had the notion of cleaning their rooms before they moved in… which they never did.

The beginning of the troubles really came with the cleanliness of the house. Kate, having lived with her mom who is a professional house cleaner, and I, having lived with my aunt who must have OCD, wanted a very clean home. If it got dirty (as we knew it would), we really only wanted to be sure that it would be picked back up before people came over… and thus the trouble began.

Error Productions is… well, in all honesty, I’m not completely sure. What I do know is that Nathan, a housemate, runs it and uses it organize house shows. Yes, the Mary Poppin’s bag is included in said house shows, but under the name “The Error House.” So, there was going to be a show on one Saturday night, here at the Error House a.k.a. Candy Mountain, and Kate and I wanted the house clean before people got here. That day I was actually just returning from my last trip to Btown*, and Kate was horribly sick… and the house looked like Hiroshima. Nathan had said he would cleaned but had yet to so. When anyone asked him what he had been doing all day he would say that he had been practicing for the show. What is truly interesting about that is Katey had been home all day and could verify that he had spent most of it on Myspace. So, Kate and I began to clean… and were livid.

There, the house drama began.


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