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Mary Poppin’s Bag and the Electricity Bill

by Tara

I apologize since these blogs don’t seem to follow any logical order, but it is hard to make them flow chronologically since all of these events seem to happen in unison.

After living in the Mary Poppin’s bag for a month, our first electricity bill arrived. In the current living arrangement, utilities are included in the three hundred dollars paid per month unless the bills become to high and then the overage is split by those who live in the house. I think that our landlord set that limit too low and that we will be paying extra every month… not that I care. I can afford it and would rather pay the extra to be warm and have lights on and live like I’m not Amish. (Not that there is anything wrong with being Amish, it’s just not for me.) In any case, some of the roommates don’t feel the same way that I do.

Before I continue, I would like to describe the Mary Poppin’s bag in further detail. As I mentioned before, a previous owner found himself to be a handy man and made several additions to the house. The house originally had a two car garage, but our handy man saw bigger things than parking cars. The two car garage was transformed into a single car garage as the first addition was being born. His new living room extended into about half of the garage. The builder must have been feeling ambitious, because after building into the garage, he continued to extend the new living room into the yard behind the garage. Although, this home owner was rather crafty, even installing a gas burning fireplace, he was certainly no professional. The floor is uneven from the multiple foundations on which the room lies on and is the most poorly insulated room that I have ever set foot in.

No, I retract that last statement. Mr. Previous Homeowner also added a second story on to the house. The second story consists of two bedrooms and more attic space than any one home can ever need. These attics, combined with the paper thin walls, make the upper floor frigid. To correct myself, Kate’s room is the most poorly insulated room that I have ever set foot in, also the coldest in the house. The heating for the additions wasn’t clearly thought through, and because of such lack of planning, Katey might be warmer making an igloo in the back yard than her own bedroom.

After describing the Marry Poppin’s bag, I’m sure that you can understand having a high electricity bill during the winter. Despite all of this, some of the roommates are sure that it has to do with not turning off lights, instead of having an old, poorly insulated home or the house shows made possible by Error Productions.

In the Marry Poppin’s Bag (or should I saw Candy Mountain?) there is wood burning fireplace in the original living room, conveniently located in the middle of the house and the fore mentioned gas burning fireplace, un-conveniently located on the far side of the poorly insulated second living room. Now when concerned about heating and money, there seems to be only one logical choice.

If you thought that the wood burning fireplace would be appropriate because it is in the middle of the home (and in the properly insulate portion of the house), it radiates more heat than the gas burning fireplace,the chimney runs between the two upstairs bedrooms and stands a chance of warming those rooms, there is already wood in the back yard, or even because smores are fun to make… you’re wrong. The fact of the matter is that wood burning fireplaces are dangerous, or so my roommates told me.


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